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Employee Faq’s

FAQs for Job Seekers

  • 01. We are a staffing company is USA, Canada, UK, Germany or Australia. How can you help?

    We are currently working with many staffing companies from various countries and help them fulfill software development positions, especially positions that are hard to fill. With our database and contacts of hundreds of thousands of potential candidates, we filter down which candidates are most suitable and qualified for the required position.  Then we setup interview process with hiring managers and HR to find the perfect candidate for the job.  We also help in negotiating salary. If required, we involved our partner immigration consultants who can help process H1B or other visa to work in the country in which the position ...

  • 02. How Do I Start Hiring?

    To start hiring, contact one of our sales representatives at 408-372-8771 or email us at and we will discuss job requirements and process of filing the position

  • 03. What is the hiring process?

    We first receive the job requirement document from your company representative. Second step is to sign a payment terms agreement which defines the services we will offer and payment settlement terms. Then we will search, screen and forward you the most qualified candidates for the position. Company will short list candidates and we will setup interviews based on calendar availability of hiring manager/HR and candidate. We help in negotiation of salary and benefits etc. once a candidate has been selected.  If required, we will involve an immigration consultant for Visa processing etc. Employee will start his work on the given ...

  • 04. What type of candidates do you recruit for?

    We have a wide range of candidates for jobs related to software engineer, graphic designer, digital marketing, social media marketing, business and system analyst, mobile developer and related fields.  We are experts in finding candidates for hard to find positions. We have also partners with immigration consultants from different countries who can help in processing H1B or other visas related to USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia.

  • 05. What is the Refund Policy?

    We offer the best and wide variety of candidates available within the budget constraints for our clients.  If however, the candidate does not perform according to expectations of job requirement, we will provide free replacement within 30 days of employee start date.

  • 06. What is Contractual Staffing?

    Contractual Staffing is term based project staffing, usually for 3 months to a year.  However, this can be extended based on the requirements of the client. Contractors are generally paid by the hours worked with weekly, by-monthly of monthly settlement. Contractor is obligated to pay all federal, state and local taxes for US based jobs. Contractors working remote in other countries should check their local laws for tax guidance and regulations.